Welcome to Springhead School

Our School

We are an all-age specialist school for cognition and learning – a community special school based in Scarborough, North Yorkshire. We admit children and young people aged 2 – 19 with a wide range of special educational needs and disabilities, which include  severe and profound learning difficulties and disabilities and which may also include autism, physical or sensory needs.

Our school day runs from 9am -3pm (total of 30 hours a week) with each day consisting of a range of enriching and engaging activities for all our children and young people.

We are a partner school within the Scarborough Teaching Alliance, and take an active role in working collaboratively to promote innovation and research in a range of areas including pedagogy, technology, and teacher training.

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to our wonderful school.

The values that shape our school are those of respect, integrity and a positive attitude, and we offer unconditional positive regard to all our pupils. Our approach is very pupil focused. We encourage every child and young person to achieve individual success (even at the early stages of learning), with a starting point that is engaging, relaxed and being excited to learn and on a pathway which follows their journey through Springhead.

Our focus on Preparation for Adulthood is supported throughout all aspects of the curriculum and provision. Our practice based teaching is taught creatively throughout our curriculum and is based on effective learning strategies, ensuring that our pupils’ development and staff expectation is appropriate and realistic for all our children and young people.

For an insight into our school, our website shows some of the excitement for learning, educational opportunities and provision, sharing our school’s successes and achievements. However, it is no substitute for a personal visit to experience the ethos and culture of our school life in action. You may also get a sense through our newsletters which can be found here.

Beth Cargill