Term Dates

  Holiday  School Closes  School Opens
Summer Holiday 2023 Inc training days 24.07.21, 25.07.21 Inc training days 04.09.23,05.09.23Friday 21.07.23Wednesday 06.09.23  
October Half Term 2023  Friday 27.10.23Monday 06.11.23
Christmas 2023 Inc training day 08.01.24Friday 22.12.23Tuesday 09.01.24  
February Half Term 2024Friday 09.02.24Monday 19.02.24
Easter Holiday 2024 Inc training day 08.04.24Friday 22.03.24Tuesday 09.04.24
May Bank Holiday 2024Monday 06.05.24  
Summer Half Term 2024Friday 24.05.24Monday 03.06.24
Summer Holidays 2024 Inc training day 22.07.24Friday 19.07.24 

Parents are reminded that a request for leave in term-time must only be sought in exceptional circumstances prior to any commitment.  A form is available from the office on request. 

The holiday dates shown include the training days

Training days:

Monday 24.07.23,

Tuesday 25.07.23,

Monday 04.09.23,

Tuesday 05.09.23,

Monday 08.01.24,

Monday 08.04.24,

Monday 22.07.24