Performance Data

We are required to show exam and assessment results for our pupils at the end of Key Stage 2 and the end of Key Stage 4. This information can be found here:

However, as we are a Special school we believe that you will get a more useful picture of our pupil achievements by reading our latest Ofsted report here.

At the end of Key Stage 5 all of our students leave with accredited qualifications through either ASDAN (Personal Progress), Open Awards Functional Maths and English, AQA Unit awards or Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Sixth Form: Skills for Learning and Life. Qualifications and Accreditations. 

Skills cannot be learned in a vacuum. They have to be learned in a variety of contexts. These contexts are provided by the school curriculum. The stimulating, relevant and age appropriate content of our Curriculum becomes the medium in which skills for life and learning are developed, 

The idea of generalising and transferring skills is, therefore, at the centre of our curriculum model. 

Through the planned, stimulating and exciting activities in the 8 areas of the Lifestyles curriculum ; Functional Maths; Functional English; Functional ICT; Challenging Lifestyle, Independence Lifestyle, Work & Enterprise Lifestyle, Personal & Social Lifestyle, and Proactive Lifestyle students in in the Sixth Form will be learning, practicing, improving and generalising the skills they need for all areas of their life and learning. 

We support the need for our students to work towards achieving nationally recognised accreditation and qualifications, but it is the student’s progress in meeting and transferring their key skills that remains the most important part of every child/ young person’s learning at Springhead School and throughout their lives. This will support outcomes for Preparing for Adulthood; Health, Community Inclusion, Independent Living and Employment. The Lifestyles curriculum provides the real, relevant and exciting context in which students learn what they need, are challenged, transfer their learning, and in which they can be accredited for and celebrate their achievements. 

Key skills targets and outcomes are discussed during each student’s annual review, and where possible students are involved in the setting of their targets. The targets are then contextualised for each individual in teachers’ planning to ensure that they are taught systematically and repeated so that they can be generalised into all areas of learning and life, having a very real and positive impact on each individual’s life. 

The nationally recognised Accreditation Schemes which are used are: 

ASDAN Qualifications in Personal Progress (PP) 

Open Awards Functional Skills (Maths and English) 

Open Awards Functional ICT from 2021 


Qualifications using the ASDAN scheme are recognised on the Qualifications and Credit Framework. 

Functional Skills of ICL Communication and Mathematics can be accredited through ASDAN (Personal Progress) or Open Award qualifications. 

ASDAN’S Entry I Qualifications in Personal Progress: 

Learners may combine any of the Personal Progress units to reach the total minimum credit value of the qualification. 

Learners who accrue 8 credits will receive an Award qualification 

Learners who accrue 14 credits will receive a Certificate qualification 

Learners who accrue fewer than 8 credits will be awarded a unit certificate, provided they have met the full requirements of the unit(s) 


Students can stay at our Sixth Form until they are 19 years old. There are a range of destination options depending on student’s aspirations, goals and interests.

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