Vision and Moral Purpose

We are committed to :

Raising aspirations for the future, developing ambitious, independent and resilient learners  
Equipping our children and young people with skills essential for lifelong learning, in preparation for adulthood 
Developing pioneering, inspiring and innovative practice, backed by action research 
Providing wide-ranging learning opportunities through an extensive range of strong partnerships, in collaboration with other schools and colleges 
Creating increasingly powerful connections to our local, regional, national and virtual communities 

The moral purpose focuses on five key aspects of our pupils’ lives: 

• Respect 
• Self-determination 
• Inclusion 
• Fostering relationships 
• Learning 

The moral purpose represents a commitment to our pupils that can be expressed as a promise in each case. 

• Respect – we undertake to listen to you, to enable you to speak for yourself as far as possible, and to speak up for you when you want us to 
• Self-determination – we will enable you to make choices about your life 
• Inclusion – we will enable you to take your place in the community 
• Relationships – we will enable you to be with different groups of people and to choose your friends 
• Learning – we will enable you to learn by allowing you to explore, experiment, rehearse and do things by yourself even though you will make mistakes.