Positive Behaviour Support

At Springhead School we treat each pupil or young person as an individual and understand that there are a number of reasons why they may display behaviour that can challenge. This could be developmentally appropriate, to fulfill a sensory need or frustration because of difficulty with communication.
We support our pupils and young people with a range of techniques and strategies including emotion coaching and developing sensory programmes. Wherever possible we take a multidisciplinary approach to fully meet the needs of the pupil or young person.
All staff at Springhead are trained in de-escalation techniques and where necessary, empathically used physical intervention through Securicare (http://www.securicare.com/)

What is PBS?

  • Positive Behaviour Support is a person-centred approach to people with a learning disability who may be at risk of displaying challenging behaviours. 
  • It is backed by evidence from behavioural science
  • Provides support based on inclusion, choice, participation and equality of opportunity

What are the key principles?

  • PBS seeks to understand the reasons for behaviour so that unmet needs can be met
  • Considers the person as a whole – their life history, physical health and emotional needs
  • It’s proactive and preventative, focusing on the teaching of new skills to replace behaviours that challenge
  • Combines perspectives from different professionals