Sixth Form

Springhead Sixth Form is located about 2 miles from the main site, on the site of a former secondary school. The building was re-purposed 3 years ago and now has three teaching rooms, a spacious hall and a common room for the students. There is plenty of outdoor space which offers opportunities for sport and recreation as well as horticulture.

The Sixth Form curriculum is designed to be inspiring, enriching, evolving and manageable. We are seeking to develop each student’s experiences and abilities as:

· independent enquirers

· creative thinkers

· team workers

· self managers

· effective participators

· reflective learners

The Lifestyles curriculum, which all students follow, is an inspiring, enriching, evolving and manageable model which recognises and promotes every young person’s right to be aspirational about their future, to communicate what they think in all matters affecting them and to have their views and choices taken seriously.

We aim to create safe and inspiring learning opportunities and environments, where each person’s talents are nurtured, and they are able to thrive and have the confidence and skills to make informed choices and decisions. We have a culture of listening to and responding to young people in the most appropriate way for each individual. We believe all young people can be successful learners and active participants within their community and within the wider world. Each student actively learns through the personalised approach to preparing for adult life.

The Lifestyles curriculum has 8 areas which develop learning and promote Preparing for adulthood outcomes. These are Functional English; Functional Maths; Functional ICT; Challenging Lifestyles; Independence Lifestyle; Work & Enterprise Lifestyle; Personal, Social, Health and Wellbeing Lifestyle; and Proactive Lifestyle.

These areas will support our young people to lead healthy, active, fulfilling and well-balanced lives now and in the future.

Young people also have the opportunity to access Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme and a range of accreditations including ASDAN and Open Awards.

We invite the parent/carers of potential students to come and see what we can offer and gain more information. Please contact the school office to arrange a visit.